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“I decided I needed wardrobe assistance and found Charline online. I was impressed that she had me complete a questionnaire, which she had reviewed prior to our first consultation. She spent the first hour getting to know me before we ever started looking at my closet. I think that is so important to understand what I do professionally and for fun in order for her to better assist me. Charline had me try on several things and kindly advised they were not flattering to my body shape. She suggested that I shop for a different style of pants and different fabric and style of tops. I did that on my own, and have included those into my daily wear. I have people that I interact with regularly commenting that I have lost weight!!! It truly is amazing how changing up your style can be so much more flattering. Charline and I had another consultation where she helped match things in my wardrobe and advised on the right shoes to wear. I really appreciate that she even sent pictures after the fact of suggested styles. I can be out shopping somewhere and snap a picture of clothing or shoes and she quickly responds with her advice. I look forward to continuing to work with Charline as the seasons change.” Cathey, Law Firm Manager March 2016
“Usually, I do not like shopping for myself. Few months ago, I won a personal shopping experience during a silent auction. The first contact with Charline was really nice, I got information on how it works and she sent me a questionnaire to fill out. Afterwards we had an hour phone call. We talked about what I like and dislike. She asked me questions about my lifestyle, my hobbies and my personality. Then, we made a shopping list of clothes I will need. On the D day, a pre-selection of items was waiting for me in the fitting rooms. Charline prepared many different outfits and different styles. I just tried everything on and almost everything fit. She also took me out of my comfort zone by showing me clothes that I would have never tried on if I was alone. I had a blast! I never had such a good shopping experience before and Charline showed me many style tips! I went home with many new clothes which I can all combine in many different ways to have many different outfits! Charline is really good at her job, has a great fashion style and she is very kind! I am going to plan my next shopping trip with her again!’ Yvonne – IT Consultant February 2016
“Just did a professional closet clean out. 1 large moving box and 4 large bags full of clothes are gone! Feeling very good about it. Thank you Charline Zeroual! Now let’s get some style in there!” Prinz – SVP Marketing
“Charline is my fashion doctor, as a chef and a mom of 2 boys, I have no time to spend in stores and look for new outfits. Charline is the best personal shopper I have ever met, she is professional, efficient and she has sharp eyes. She knows what is new and what is fitting you before you’ll try it! I just love shopping with her, it is like shopping with your friend but with professional eyes and always on the budget! I highly recommend her for any occasions. I just can’t wait for my next hours with her to get my new outfit for Christmas’ parties!” Adeline – Personal Chef
“I turned 50 this year as well as an empty nester. After being a mom for so long I had forgotten what my style even was. After searching image consultants I really clicked with Charlene’s website, Pinterest page and Facebook page. It all appealed to me: Classic, professional, informative and super chic. She came to my house and we went over what I liked and didn’t like and what would compliment my body. So, we hit my closet. I had so many things that didn’t look good on me or didn’t even fit properly. After going through every item and discarding (I will take to consignment) the things that no longer work for me, she began putting together outfits – including my jewelry and shoes. I took photos of all the combinations and felt like I had a whole new wardrobe. I had so many pieces that I had no idea what it went with. I don’t think I own anything now that can’t be worn several ways. We even worked with my exercise apparel. We made a list of staple pieces that I need to be looking for to purchase. If needed, she will also go shopping with me for the hard to find pieces. I feel so great walking into my closet and knowing that anything I pick out will look great and I am not wasting any of my clothing. She is a style maker! I actually get excited now about putting together my outfits. I can’t wait to have her back to go through my summer wardrobe.” Heather – Homemaker & Volunteer January 2016
“When I decided to get help with my wardrobe, I could not have imagined a more amazing and transforming experience. Charline is an intuitive and extremely talented Stylist. After several shopping trips for both myself and my husband, packing me for multiple trips, and a closet clean-out, Charline has become a valuable asset and my go to Style Advisor! I now shout from the rooftops how amazing an experience I have had to anyone and everyone who will listen. Thank you, Thank you!.” Cheri – Chief Operating Officer May 2015
“Thank you, Charline Zeroual, for a great personal shopping experience! Perfect for people who don’t like shopping but love clothes!!” Elena – Marketing Director
“As soon as you meet Charline, you know that she understands what Style is all about. And what’s even better, she knows exactly how to make you look more stylish with just a few new outfits or accessories. I have spent more than 4 afternoon shopping with her, and I always ended up feeling better about myself, more confident and happy with my new look. And last but not least, she is a lot of fun! I would recommend her in a heartbeat!” Kim – VP Relationship Manager Food & Agribusiness
“Charline has become my fashion fairy godmother. She goes above and beyond to not only make you feel like a special client, but also a friend. She has helped me rediscover myself through my style and helped create a wardrobe I am proud to call my own. Charline is a true stylistic gem who I can always count on. ” Elena – Master of Public Health Student November 2015
“I reached out to Charline at the absolute last minute to help me plan for a trip to Los Angeles. She met me to plan, shop and created a look book for my entire trip. She made shopping effortless, eliminated all my stress and my clothes were fabulous! I will definitely work with Charline again very soon.” Beth – Vice President
“Charline Zeroual is a brilliant stylist. She is approachable, warm, intuitive and has a strategic, natural eye that can create a personal style uniquely your own very quickly. In the weeks leading up to one of the biggest events in my life – graduating with my MBA at age 42! – I realized that I wanted to make the moment captured on film with my family as beautiful as I felt inside. Charline was recommended to me and created the best weekend of outfits within my budget and appropriate for the events from footwear to accessories. During the shopping process (which she also made very easy by pre-pulling items), she also articulated to me my personal style so I could understand how to shop/dress moving forward. I highly recommend Charline to anyone who needs just a few pieces to update for the current season or if you need a total closet and style transformation.” Allison -VP Marketing
“I recently decided to go back to the corporate world, after 10 years of staying home with the kids. The idea of having to build a new wardrobe completely overwhelmed me so when I was introduced to Charline, I saw it at an opportunity. What struck me at first was her enthusiasm and passion for fashion. When we met for the first time, she had created a Pinterest board for me based on a questionnaire I had filled out for her. I was amazed by how well she had understood me! She had even brought a few items for me to try on, so we could discuss size, length and fabric. I gave Charline a budget to work with and we agreed on a date to go shopping. Not only was she very accommodating, but her customer service was outstanding. In our 4 hours together, she took me to 5 different stores where different items were waiting for me. Her selection was very intelligent in the sense that she had maximized the number of outfits I could play with. She definitely had taken into account everything we had previously discussed and worked around my personality, figure and budget to build a wardrobe which not only has all the basics I need but is in style too. I recommend Charline without hesitation. She definitely helped me recover the confidence of wearing high heels, skirts and dresses. She has an undeniable gift and a great personality.” Charline – Non Profit Organization Director
“Charline is amazing! She has a fantastic sense of style and makes shopping stress free, easy, quick and fun. Charline has helped both my husband and me with our work wardrobes, casual clothes, special event clothes, and even to prepare for a photoshoot. With Charline’s method we now have clothes that fit us well and coordinate together, which makes our mornings and getting ready for any event a breeze. I also look forward to wearing all of my clothes because they are ALL beautiful, high quality pieces that I am proud to wear. There is no more stressing about what to wear! Charline makes shopping a truly amazing experience.” Eva - Director - September 2016