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Born and raised in France, it was impossible for Charline Z to ignore the effortless and chic way the French people dress. As she grew up, Charline carried her style out into the world. Throughout her teenage and young adult life, she has always been the “go to” person among family and friends for advice and inspiration from the perfect outfit to finding the perfect gift for that special person in your life. In 2010, Charline moved to Atlanta, GA. After 3 successful years in marketing, she realized her true potential as a stylist & personal shopper and decided to market her sense of style and empathy instead of marketing products and do what she has always wanted to do:  Help women and men feel good about themselves. Since she started as a stylist and personal shopper, she has been working with so many different people with many different needs. Every time she works with a new client it is a whole new experience. From promotions, to job interviews or even castings and auditions, she helps women and men develop a polished and professional style to be more successful in their career. She assists new moms with defining their new style after pregnancy to make them feel beautiful. Sharing her sense of casual chic style with more than 100 women to make their personal life easier has also been one of the best feelings. Charline will make it her promise to understand you, develop your personal style and fully customize the experience based on your  lifestyle, your personal needs and your budget. The experience will become a real and long-term partnership. Charline places a great importance in keeping the relationship real, so expect humor,  good conversation and she will always only be a phone call away.