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WHAT IT IS? If you have ever opened your wardrobe, and, despite an overflowing closet, felt like you have nothing to wear, then you are not alone. The average person wears 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time. Together, we will make sure that your closet is full of clothes appropriate for your lifestyle, your  body shape and your skin tone. I will help you compose your daily outfits to save time and money. HOW DOES IT WORK? Before starting the experience, I’ll have to learn more about you and your personal objectives. First, you will need to complete a questionnaire I will send you. On the day of your wardrobe consultation, we will start with a 60-minute Style Assessment. We will talk about your lifestyle, your social environment, your hobbies and anything else I believe can influence your wardrobe. Then we will look at your closet. I will show you how you can mix and match the existing clothes you have, but also the one you should get rid (Wrong size, wrong fit, wrong style). If you are interested in shopping with me, we will do a shopping list of items that would be great to complete your existing wardrobe. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Style Assessment: $135 Wardrobe Consultation: $135/hour (Minimum of 2 hours) Contact Charline to schedule your appointment.